Afro hair blogger Natural Belle has partnered with family owned hair salon, SIMPLYGorgeous for another series of excusive workshops.

Our events aim to change the narrative and experience of afro hair, by sharing with guests the knowledge, skills and inspiration to better understand and style their hair; whilst also crafting an offline space to heighten the discourse on afro hair and beauty.

To offer a fully rounded we’ve teamed up with what we feel are the best in Black British women providing great products and  services for the afro hair community.


At each session you will:

Learn more about Natural Belle’s new venture The Wig Witch with a comprehensive and informative workshop on how to create your own bespoke wig from scratch and how to select the best possible wefts for your hair type by Pretty Kinks.

Discover the traditional art of hair stretching naturally with the threading method and other simple styling methods with natural hair consultant Simply Comfort.

Find out about he best in local and global ingredients and brands with  The Good Hair Club and The Afro Hair & Skin Co.

We encourage each participant to bring their own wefts from which they’d like their wigs to be made of.

Pretty Kinks are offering an exclusive 15% discount for all attendees.

Code will be passed on at check out.


Our workshops will consist of two sessions.

The first session will commence at 9am and second session will begin at 3pm.

Please contact us letting us know which session you’d like to be part of when check out is complete.


Food and beverages to be provided throughout the day and each guests to leave with a goody ba

Workshop Tickets

SIMPLYGorgeous - Kingsgate Road, London, NW6 4JY