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Colour Service [for Wigs purchased from our collection]


The Wig Witch offers a range of colouring services FOR CLIENTS THAT PURCHASE OUR PRE MADE WIGS, The Wig Witch uses salon grade colour and techniques on pre made wigs to give your wig the extra YOU factor.

Due to the nature of this service we can not offer refunds of exchanges.

Balayage: free hand technique of painting on colour leaving root for a more natural look

Half Head V Full Head: a full head balayage is where the whole head is highlighted. A half head is just the top section of the head so the underneath has no colour.

A double process is any service that has to be done more than once so for lighter shades we would need to gradually lift [lighten] the hair or to achieve vibrant colours such as reds.

Please be aware that our wigs are 100% natural there for some variation can happen from wig to wig we strand test each wig before we colour it on some occasions we may have change colours as not to compromise the hair textures

We use wella hair colour.

Please note some colour affect the curl pattern of our wigs.

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