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NEW | Drawstring Ponytails

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Add extra length with a drawstring ponytail, made to match natural Afro hair textures. Choose from:

The Aje - Kinky Afro texture that matches with type 4C hair

The Oba - Kinky Coily that matches with type 4 hair

The Bruja - Kinky straight that matches blown out type 4 hair

The wig witch drawstring ponytail is made with 100% quality human hair weighing around 100g each piece for a full ponytail look. The wig witch drawstring ponytails attaches easily to a small bun.

The wig witch hair is made from 100% Human hair in the natural donar colour, it has long bangs/fringe that can be worn pushed to either side. And Is 130 % density. The Shag has a hand ventilated lace frontal and a lace nape. The Shag also comes with combs and an elastic band.


CARE: Please note The Wig witch hair has been processed to look like type 3/4 hair, though the hair can be colored and flat ironed you must take extra care when doing so.

WASHING: Cleanse when needed using sulphate free shampoo, co wash weekly with conditioner ensure hair is rinsed and all product removed. use a light leave in conditioner if required and a light serum or oil [such as argan oil] The wig witch hair can be defined with curl enhancing products please use sparingly

HEAT STYLING: ALWAYS use heat protectant, use tools that have a varying temperatures. avoid using very high temperatures as these wigs are human hair they are susceptible to heat damage. Alternatively and highly recommended use rollers or flexi rods to create waves and curls.

SHEDDING: The wig witch hair should not shed excessively though some strands may be released when combing the hair, care should be taken when combing your wig, be gentle and avoid pulling on the hair aggressively detangle when wet with conditioner section and comb from ends to root.

All wig witch wigs come with a wig cap, dust bag and extra elastic band that can be attached simply by yourself to fit comfortably [please add to notes if you would like us to attach band for you]


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